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Grenoble is an extremely walkable city. It is also very well served by public transportation (trams and buses). We recommend walking or taking public transportation for most trips. (It takes roughly thirty minutes to walk from the centre of town to the conference venue. Coming by tram takes about half as long.) Taxis exist but are few in number. Ubers exist but are rarely used.

A map of the public transportation network can be downloaded here (choose "Grenoble et zone urbaine"). A route planner is available here.

Tram line B will most likely be your main means of transportation to and from the conference venue. Bus lines C1 and C5 may also be useful, as they have stops close to the conference venue. Trams and C-line buses run frequently and are available from early in the morning until well after midnight. Note that trams and buses run less frequently in the late evening.

Please note that trams on lines C and D will not be running. Line B will be disrupted between Grand-Sablon and Gières stops.  Dedicated bus lines will replace the trams on disrupted parts of the circuit. (None of this affects travel between the centre of town and the conference venue.)

Tickets can be purchased from the automatic ticketing machines available at each tram and bus stop. Tickets can also be purchased on board buses (but not on board trams). Ticketing machines offer instructions in English. Ticket options include single passes (for one trip), day passes (for unlimited trips on a single day), and multi-use passes (for ten trips on multiple days). We recommend buying a multi-use pass, as this will save you money and hassle over the course of the conference.

If you're taking the tram, you must scan your ticket at one of the validators located at the stop. (Note that this has to be done before boarding the tram.) If you're taking the bus, you must scan your ticket at one of the validators located on the bus. (This has to be done after boarding the bus.) It may not be obvious how to scan your ticket; see here for a video showing how to do so. All tickets are valid with no restrictions for one hour after scanning. You must keep your scanned ticket for the duration of your ride. Failure to produce a scanned ticket in the event of an inspection will result in a fine.

Cyclists may wish to note that Grenoble is an extremely bicycle-friendly city, as it is largely flat and has many bike paths. See here for a map of bike paths.

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