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Walks within the city:

  • Championnet quarter. A charming part of the city with many artisans. 
  • Saint-Laurent quarter. The old Italian quarter at the base of the Chartreuse mountains.
  • Antiquaires quarter. Many shops and restaurants can be found here.
Walks outside the city:
  • La BastilleProbably the most famous part of Grenoble, it’s a fort atop a mountain! It is accessible by cable car from the “Jardin de ville”. The best way to walk up is by the “Jardin des Dauphins”. Be sure to go by the Mandrin caves. You can also go up Mount Jalla if you want to push back the end of the hike! 
  • La PoyaIf you want to go on a hike in the mountains, this is the place! Take Tram A to Fontaine-La Poya, then go up Abbaye street, which turns into Poya street, which turns into a hiking trail. If you are motivated, there are two curiosities to see: the “tour sans venin” and “the coup du sabre”. 
  • The banks of the IsèreFrom the city centre, it is possible to go down to the river side and walk along it in either direction.
  • Musée de l’ancien EvêchéThis museum retraces the history of the city and its surroundings, going all the way back to Prehistoric times. It contains ruins from Grenoble’s antiquity.
  • Musée de la résistanceDid you know that Grenoble played a key role in the resistance during the Second World War? This museum recounts these hard times and the lives of those who resisted the occupation. 
  • Musée du DauphinoisA museum with many fascinating temporary expositions. Catch them while you can!


  • Mémorial national des troupes de montagneA memorial to the mountain troops of France. It sits on mount Jalla, directly above the bastille, from which it is but a short climb away.
  • Château de VizilleThe biggest castle in the region, about an hour away from Grenoble. It is in a beautiful  320 acre park and houses the Museum of the French Revolution.


  • Regional products at the maison du tourisme. Here you can buy some great culinary souvenirs: walnut based snacks from local farms, dauphinois cakes, chartreuse, etc. 
  • Soap. Grenoble and its surroundings are home to many a soap maker. Be sure to find a “savonnerie” if you want to find a sweet-smelling souvenir.
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