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  • Fantin LatourYou have the choice between brasserie food and fine dining at Fantin Latour, a restaurant with a flowery garden and a Michelin Star.
  • Le chateau de la commanderie. If you have some money to spend and want some very good french cuisine, this is the place for you.
  • Une semaine sur Deux. A small, somewhat hidden restaurant, considered by locals as one of the best in Grenoble. Don’t forget to make a reservation.
  • La ferme à Dédé. The go-to place for local cuisine. Heavy stuff.
  • A confesse. Fondues and raclettes in a diabolical yet charming setting.
  • Le café curieux. A great place to meet your French cuisine needs.
  • Chamas Tacos. If you want to taste French tacos, an extremely popular and controversial french fast food dish, look no further.

Bars and clubs:

  • Blind Pig. A cosy bar with charming decor. 
  • La Bobine. A chilled out atmosphere and regular musical acts. You can dance inside or take your drink to the grass out front. 
  • La belle électrique. This venue is one of the best places for a night out! It’s a cultural centre with a restaurant, a bar and a concert hall.
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